Technical data and functions

  • Universal manual simulator for simulating temperature sensors and process variables when testing measuring instruments, regulators, and other equipment
  • Pt100 simulation with 5 fixed resistors in 4-conductor technology
    Voltage and thermocouples simulation with 15-bit D/A converter
    Current simulation with 15-bit D/A converter
    Frequency and pulse generator with quartz-crystal oscillator
    Continuity check with settable threshold
  • All signals are available at the same time.
  • Signals can be set either manually or automatically, in step or ramp form.
  • All signals and all the programming can be shown on the illuminated graphics display.
  • Connection of peripherals via ALMEMO® clamp connectors, cable with anti-kink protective sleeve and strain relief
  • Power supply via battery or mains unit
  • Modern, compact housing - also suitable for DIN top-hat rail mounting
  • Option of PC-controlled operation via all ALMEMO® data cables.