ALMEMO® connectors

The intelligent programmable ALMEMO® input connectors for digital and analog sensors turn any measuring arrangement into an extraordinarily flexible measuring system. Instead of the preassembled ALMEMO® sensors, your own existing transducers can also be used. For this purpose, pre-programmed ALMEMO® connectors are available with the necessary sensor parameters and the appropriate measuring range. The plugs have six screw terminals and are easy to connect.

Intelligent ALMEMO® Connectors

With all instruments and connectors it is possible to assign a designation to each measuring point, to scale sensor signals and to correct the measured value in zero point and slope. Some measuring instruments with ALMEMO® connectors offer the possibility to store multi-point calibrations in the connector, to program own linearizations with up to 30 points into the connector and to enter simple calibration points with setpoint and actual value table via the ALMEMO® Control software. Likewise, any special measuring ranges programmed in the connector can be processed and exact connector designations can be queried; the calibration dates are managed in the connector and automatically recognized. This digital sensor technology increases the functions and accuracy of the flexible ALMEMO® measurement technology.

Digital ALMEMO® D6 and D7 connectors

Numerous analog sensors and measured variables can be digitized via digital ALMEMO® D6 and D7 connectors. This means that the ALMEMO® system is open for any expansion of the measured variables, measurement functions and applications. Digital ALMEMO® D6 and D7 connectors enable new measuring ranges and linearizations independent of the ALMEMO® device. The overall accuracy of the digital ALMEMO® probe is independent of the ALMEMO® display device/data logger and any extension cables used. The complete measuring chain, consisting of the sensor and the connected ALMEMO® D6 or D7 plug (with its own AD converter), is calibrated (DAkkS / factory) and can be replaced or exchanged as required. The pluggable digital extension cables offer high transmission reliability.

Digital ALMEMO® D7 measuring plugs: Special applications/functions

Important! ALMEMO® D7 plugs can only be connected to the current ALMEMO® measuring instruments of "Generation V7", including ALMEMO® 500, ALMEMO® 710, ALMEMO® 809, ALMEMO® 202, ALMEMO® 204.

Up to 10 display and function channels are possible in each ALMEMO® D7 connector. They enable high measuring speeds or high precision and can therefore be used for a wide range of measuring tasks. Dynamic processes are measured by the ALMEMO® D7 measuring connector in the Fast measurement range with a fast conversion rate. If high resolutions and stable values are required, e.g. for precision transducers, the ALMEMO® D7 measuring plug operates in the High resolution range with reduced conversion rate. The digital ALMEMO® D7 measuring plug has its own built-in AD converter. The measuring rate is determined solely by the AD converter. On the ALMEMO® V7 measuring instrument, all D7 measuring plugs operate in parallel at their own measuring rate.

The measured values can be provided with a dimension of up to 6 digits. A comment of up to 20 digits can be programmed for sensor identification. The configuration of the ALMEMO® connector is easily done by the user on the ALMEMO® V7 measuring device or via the free configuration software ALMEMO® Control.