Data loggers and measuring instruments

Which sensor is suitable for which ALMEMO® device? Basically all sensors are suitable for all devices, but there are exceptions. Especially digital sensors cannot be connected to older devices. Please ask us

Data loggers and measuring instruments of the ALMEMO® series

Data loggers and measuring instruments of the ALMEMO® series were developed for different measuring tasks and a very wide range of applications. The system consists of a data logger or a measuring device and intelligent connectors, which are used to connect the corresponding sensors. On the instrument side, the versions differ only in the number of measurement inputs. Device types ranging from 1-channel transmitters to measurement data acquisition systems with up to 1000 measurement inputs are available.

The data loggers and measuring instruments automatically recognize the connected sensor. The sensor can be exchanged as required, even during measurement. More than 60 standard measuring ranges are available, e.g. for measuring temperature, humidity, flow of air and gases, flow rate, heat flow, pressure, speed, frequency, resistance, current, voltage, force, strain, displacement, pH value, redox potential, conductivity or gases. Sensors of other manufacturers can be connected at any time without any problems via the intelligent ALMEMO® connectors.

Exception: Digital sensors of D7 technology can only be connected to devices with corresponding V7 inputs! Digital sensors of the D6 technology do not require special inputs, but cannot be connected to all device generations. Certain devices such as reference measuring instruments do not allow individual connection of ALMEMO® sensors. Ask us!

ALMEMO® data loggers and measuring instruments are open for any peripheral equipment with optimal data transmission. Analog outputs or different interfaces are simply connected to the device via different adapters. Alarm transmitters or trigger inputs are also adaptable. The data can be transmitted during or after the measurement not only via mobile radio or internet. There are also connection options to Ethernet or WLAN.

At the end of each measurement or recording of measured values, average values or limit values is the evaluation. As the software protocol and the scope of commands is identical for all data loggers and measuring devices, the same measuring software type WinControl always fits.

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