Our measuring instruments in use

Climate Cube

Calibrating climatic chambers

Calibrating climatic chambers as per guideline DAkkS-DKD-R 5-7

Measurement technology in chemistry

Measuring technology in the fields of chemistry, analytics, and chemical process technology

​In the fields of chemistry, analytics, and chemical process technology it has become more and more important to collect and document data.

Monument protection
ALMEMO® Measurement Technology for Building Diagnostics, Monuments and Old Buildings

For years, high-quality measurement technology has had a firm place in the climatic monitoring of exhibition rooms and cultural assets as well as in the inventory and damage analysis of listed objects

Pharma and medicine
ALMEMO® Measurement Technology in Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Technology

In the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology there are increased requirements for the accuracy and reliability of measurement data. Monitoring systems with the universal ALMEMO® measurement technology meet the requirements for quality assurance and control in compliance with CFR 21 Part11.

ALMEMO® measurement technology in the automotive sector

The high flexibility and various application possibilities make ALMEMO® data loggers a universal companion for the most diverse applications in the automotive sector.