Measurement software

Various software programs are available for the evaluation and further processing of measurement data. The measurement data of the ALMEMO® measuring instruments can be output to a computer via modem, data line, fiber optic cable or radio. The WinControl program is precisely tailored to ALMEMO® measurement technology. ALMEMO® measuring instruments can be addressed locally or in an existing company network via any number of different connections. In addition, the ALMEMO® devices come with the free Windows configuration software ALMEMO® Control. This software can be used to program all device parameters or query measurement data via a computer.

WinControl measuring software for all ALMEMO® measuring instruments

The WinControl measuring software was specially developed for measured value acquisition and measured data processing with ALMEMO® measuring instruments. It enables convenient programming and operation of the devices. The acquired measured values can be displayed, mathematically processed, stored, printed and exported to other programs for further processing (also ONLINE). It is possible to derive alarm states from the recorded or calculated variables and to carry out control operations. The Windows interface and the context-sensitive online help guarantee a quick familiarization and a safe operation of the program. The latest information about the program status and possible updates as well as the current demo version of the measuring software are available under WINCONTROL DOWNLOAD.

Example work surfaces of the WinControl measuring software

Optimal overview and fast switching of different views through registration cards. Division of projects with understandable naming. Switching of workspaces can be restricted by password protection.

Example monitoring function of the WinControl measuring software

Triggering of an alarm can occur due to failures and limit violations. Alarm handling can be activated individually for each measuring point. It is issued visually and/or acoustically. Cause and duration of the triggering events are documented in an event list, alarm messages are confirmed individually or all together. The alarm reminder prevents alarms from being forgotten after confirmation if the cause has not yet been eliminated. A line chart with adjustable history can be generated for the triggering variable. In case of an alarm, e-mails can be sent, ALMEMO® output relays can be switched and programs or scripts can be executed. Alarm messages can be forwarded via networks, program control commands (KiwiScript) can be executed depending on limit values.

Example control and regulation with the WinControl measuring software

Two-point and proportional controllers as well as time controls are available in the WinControl program. PID controllers can be defined with the help of calculation channels. Setpoint curves and process sequences can be specified via value pair files. Values can be specified and process sequences changed via buttons in project screens or the toolbar.