ALMEMO® 710 with connectors and sensors

Unique multi-point adjustment for calibrations of sensor and measuring device

Unique to date in the field of calibration is the possibility of multi-point adjustment, which can be carried out as part of a calibration of ALMEMO® measurement technology.

Digital ALMEMO® D7 connector

Digitalization of sensors or how intelligent connectors are changing sensor and measurement technology

The conversion of analog, physical, chemical or electrical values into digital formats is best started in the connector plug. This gives the entire measurement chain the greatest flexibility.

ALMEMO® 204 with digital connectors

Indoor climate data logger with flexible adjustment

The high-precision multi-purpose data logger ALMEMO® 204 offers best flexibility and an excellent price/performance ratio. Among other things, temperature, humidity, dew point temperature and atmospheric pressure are recorded.

ALMEMO® 500 Relay-trigger-analog plug-in card ES 500-RTA6

Easy connection of data loggers to programmable controller systems

AHLBORN has developed a new trigger output interface for the connection of data loggers of the ALMEMO® 500 series to programmable controllers.

ALMEMO® WLAN module ZA 1739-WL

Wireless measurement network with WLAN module

In order to establish wireless connections between ALMEMO® measuring device and PC or between several measuring devices or data loggers, AHLBORN has developed a new WLAN module.