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ALMEMO the ideal solution for all your measuring tasks

ALMEMO® means one measuring instrument for all measurement - only the sensor needs to be changed. As soon as a sensor is connected, each ALMEMO® measuring instrument automatically indicates the measuring range and the measured value. When the sensor is changed, no setting is required on the instrument. Any sensor subsequently connected is recognized automatically and the measured value is indicated immediately on the display. Sensors can be changed as and when necessary - even in the course of a measuring operation. It is also possible to store calibration values in the memory chip in the ALMEMO® connector. Subsequent measuring operations can thus be performed with the highest accuracy. Programming the connectors is very easy. Software for this purpose is supplied free-of-charge with every ALMEMO® measuring instrument.

DAkkS - Calibration laboratory D-K-19342-01-00

For being able to offer a close to complete calibration range for all measured quantities that can be acquired by the ALMEMO® measuring technology, we maintain a calibration laboratory. Concerning the measured quantities air temperature and humidity, we are accredited according to standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025