FAQ - Questions fréquentes

Can I use the ALMEMO® system powered by a portable power source, for example a car battery?

Yes, we offer direct supply cables and electrically isolated supply cables to power ALMEMO® devices directly from a low volt DC supply such as car battery, solar power station …

Do you supply replacement-measuring instruments for existing sensors?

All our measuring instrument can be used to replace your current measurement device/ measurement datalogger.

How can I change the analogue output range to suite the range I am going to measure?

Start- and end values for the analogue output can be programmed e.g. my instrument has an analogue output range of 0....10 V DC and I want it to be related to my actual application where I`m measuring 100°C up to 400°C. To get 0 V output at 100°C and 10 V output at 400°C, simply enter Analogue start “0” and Analogue end “400”.

How do I connect my old sensor to an ALMEMO® connector and transmitter?

Ahlborn offers a wide spread variety of sensor connectors for all purposes. One should be able to find a suitable connector for foreign sensors. In case you are not shure which type will fit best, please contact the ALMEMO® support. Normally, when a sensor has been correctly wired to an ALMEMO connector, connected to a transmitter, the transmitter automatically recognizes the sensor and instantly displays correct.

How do I connect my sensor to an ALMEMO® connector for bridge circuit?

In chapter 4 of the ALMEMO® Manual you can find all wiring diagrams including aspects of power supplying, minimum supply control and adjustment/scaling.

How often should ALMEMO® sensors be calibrated?

There are a number of factors that must be taken into account when answering this question. For example, a temperature sensor may have a measuring range of 100-1000 degrees, used periodically or constantly at 1000 degrees, the calibration intervals should be less than if used at 100 degrees. Normally, in industrial applications the end user refers to national or international quality standard references for guidance on calibration intervals, such a ISO 9000.

How to I get pricing for ALMEMO® products?

Please contact the distributor of your area. He will provide you a detailed and individual offer. A graphic, showing all Ahlborn distributors and representatives is available on www.ahlborn.com under “Merchant Search”.

If i already have a sensor, can i continue using it together with ALMEMO® products?

Yes, the beauty of the ALMEMO® system is that any sensor can be made compatible with our system.

In what ways can I be immediately informed in the event of an alarm when measuring online with WinControl with option “Alarm”?

Audio visual on remote control center, by SMS to your mobile phone or group number, start of another process or device, total shutdown of measuring applications.

The Principle of ALMEMO® system

Traditionally, the principle behind data recording of a physical change demands the use of two separate components, a sensor to translate the physical change into a transducable signal, and a transducer to transduce the translated signal from the sensor, into a format that can be either stored or displayed in real time. Should it be necessary to store or display data of a different type of physical change, both sensor and transducer must be either replaced or adapted to new settings to enable the transducer to accurately translate signals from the new or modified sensor. The ALMEMO® measuring system incorporates a third component, which is a data memory called EEPROM attached at the interface between the sensor and transducer. Manuel resetting and adjustment is no longer required when replacing the sensor because the transducer automatically reads any required settings when a sensor is connected, effectively linking the memory store and transducer. In principle then, with the ALMEMO® system the same transducer may be used for multiple sensors without the need for re-setting or recalibration immediately after sensor replacement. This applies even when multiple types of sensor are connected to a single transducer simultaneously.

What are the network possibilities using ALMEMO® measuring devices?

There are three options for expanding a measuring system, by serially linking terminals (output from one becomes input of another), over an ethernet cable with all the advantages of ethernet connectivity and via modem to the world wide web for global networking. Thus, remote control and monitoring of multiple measurement networks from a single control center is now a popular option taken by many of our customers.

What are the power requirements for transmitters and sensors?

For transmitters, the DC mains power supply is 12V. For sensors, ALMEMO® sensors receive their power from the transmitter, so there is no need for a second power supply for the sensor.

What can ALMEMO® Instruments measure?

The Ahlborn Products can measure almost any physical, chemical, mechanical, optical, electrical change that can be translated into an electrical signal. A list of the ALMEMO® measuring ranges you can find at Measure ranges.

What does cold junction compensation mean?

Thermocouples only allow for a determination of the absolute temperature when the temperature of the connecting terminals is kept at a known temperature (e.g. using ice water or a thermostat) or when this cold junction temperature is measured continuously. ALMEMO devices contain a miniature NTC temperature sensor in the contact of the ALMEMO socket to measure the exact temperature of the junction point from thermocouple to copper.

What happens if I expose the sensor to conditions outside the quoted operating range?

In some circumstances it may be possible for a sensor to function outside the recommended ranges but the accuracy and repeatability may be affected. In some cases this causes rapid aging, under extreme circumstances to immediate destruction of the sensor.

What is a datalogger?

A data logger is an electronic device that records information constantly over time, or periodically in pre set time periods. The end user normally determines the type of measured information recorded. In the event of abnormal fluctuation or behavior of the measured data, the information stored in the data logger can be used to diagnose future consequences of similar measurement fluctuations.

What is the background of the ALMEMO® product range?

Although the THERM product range was successful, the introduction of new technology within the electronic industries, including miniaturization, enabled the Ahlborn engineers to develop the products to maintain cost effective functional measuring data logger systems.

What is the difference between Ahlborn and ALMEMO®?

Ahlborn is the name of the company; ALMEMO® is the name of the product range. The ALMEMO® system was introduced in 1993 and by 1995 the old Therm product range was replaced the ALMEMO® range. The name ALMEMO is made up of the AHLBORN and MEMORY, because the heart of the ALMEMO® system is a small memory device.

What is the maximum distance from the transmitter to a remote control interface?

Depending on the selected hardware and the used protocols, the distance may be limited to about 15 meters or nearly unlimited to some kilometers or TCP/IP-based internet-wide.

What is the procedure for getting a licensed copy of the WinControl data acquisition software running on my PC?

The procedure to get your software up and running as soon as possible while maintaining accurate records and updating your online customer support database is as follow: - Place your order - Within 5 days you shall receive an acknowledgement of your order from Ahlborn - Within 10 days you shall receive the CD from Ahlborn - When you initially install the software a Unique Serial Number is generated. - You must send this Serial Number together with the Disc-ID to Akrobit ( address is provided with software/ e-mail will be the fastest way) Akrobit shall send you a unique activation key to match your Serial Number. - Activate your new software using the activation key. Please note: Only software which been sent to you in CD form can be activated in this way, evaluation software downloaded from the Ahlborn homepage CANNOT be activated as described above. Measurement data files generated from the evaluation software are completely compatible with licensed software versions.

What kind of alarms are available?

The types of alarms that can be set at either the transmitter interface or via a PC interface are as follow: limiting values max. and min. sensor breakage alarm, over- and underrange alarm.

Where can I get a catalogue of the Ahlborn Products?

For an overview of the ALMEMO®? product range , a downloadable catalogue is available in the following formats: A zip file at Download Area Order online your catalog Product information is also available in Engish, French and German at www.ahlborn.com