Explainer videos

ALMEMO® 500 communication


Communication between ALMEMO® 500 and PC/Tablet and the advanteges

ALMEMO® 500 company network


ALMEMO® 500 connection via a company network


Video Tutorials

Pairing ALMEMO® 470 radio sensors

Funkfühler mit Gerät

Sensors in the wireless network are configured and managed on the wireless data logger ALMEMO® 470-1 via the clear touch display.

USB data cable installation

USB Datenkabel Installation

You will need the USB data cable, an ALMEMO® instrument and your PC.

ALMEMO® 500 first use

ALMEMO 500 Video

ALMEMO® 500 first use in a step-by-step video

ALMEMO® connector, reload original programming

Stecker Programmierung standard

How to reload original programming to ALMEMO® input connector

ALMEMO® connector programming for external sensors

Steckerprogrammierung Fremdsensoren

Programming example for connecting a sensor from other manufacturers

ALMEMO® 500 Increase WIFI security

WLAN Sicherheit

Changing the WIFI SSID and the network key