Technical data and functions

  • Increased measuring accuracy and stability
  • Fast measuring rate, up to 50 measuring operations per second. With SD memory card, up to 100 mops, optional for 1 channel up to 400 mops
  • 1 ALMEMO® input socket, suitable for all ALMEMO® sensors or 6-contact clamp connector socket, also for 26 V and 20 mA
  • More than 65 standard measuring ranges
  • Support for ALMEMO® plugs with multi-point adjustment, special linearization, and special measuring ranges
  • Higher measuring quality thanks to electrical isolation between measuring inputs and device power supply (device ground)
  • Data logger with internal EEPROM, sufficient for 16,000 measured values, configurable as linear or ring memory
  • Memory connector with micro SD (accessory)
  • As standard 2 limit value relays can also be driven via interface
  • Option with double analog output can also be driven via interface
  • 2 ALMEMO® output sockets, suitable for digital interfaces, analog output, trigger input, alarm contacts, memory card
  • 8-character alphanumeric 14-segment display
  • new: Programming functions displayed in normal text (3 languages)
  • new: 5 programming menus : Measuring function, memory, sensor, device, output
  • Measuring functions : Measured value, dual display, smoothing, zero-setting, setpoint adjustment, maximum / minimum / average values, temperature compensation, atmospheric pressure compensation
  • Sensor programming: Measuring range, measured value correction, scaling, units, limit value monitoring, graduated locking of functions, scaling of analog output
  • Device programming: Conversion rate, real-time clock with date, output cycle, baud rate, choice of languages

General technical specifications of the ALMEMO® Measuring Instruments