Technical data and functions

Universal mobile weather station for measuring a wide range of meteorological data, e.g. wind direction, wind velocity, temperature, atmospheric humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall quantity and intensity, and global radiation Quick and easy to install, robust design, compatible with various ALMEMO® V7 data loggers.


  • Building automation (heating, ventilation, shading)
  • Photovoltaic monitoring
  • Industrial emissions tracing
  • Disaster control (tracing clouds of poisonous gas, etc.)
  • Sporting events
  • Agricultural trials
  • Road weather information systems (RWIS)
  • Icy roads warning systems
  • Vehicle test circuits

The mobile weather station comprises :

  • Meteorological sensor FMD7-60 including mobile tripod
  • Probe head for measuring optical radiation
  • ALMEMO® data logger choice of ALMEMO® 202 / 710 / 809

Compact Glossary of Meteorological Terms