Technical data and functions

Probe head, with spherical characteristic

  • Measuring independent of direction - thanks to the probe head’s spherical characteristics
  • Weather-proof aluminum housing, with plastic globe
  • Suitable for universal use, inter alia for measuring in photostability tests according to various international standards and ICH guidelines (International Conference on Harmonization)
  • Spectral range of the probe head corresponds to the sensitivity of the human eye (V-lambda radiation).
  • Measuring head for measuring the UVA

Illuminance measuring head

  • High quality probe head for illuminance of light in lighting engineering or in sunlight and any place where DIN standards recommend the use of a class B luxmeter.
  • Spectral adaptation approximated to the photometric valuation function V(λ) for photopic vision, class B, better than 5%.
  • Different measuring channels with different sensitivity.

Basics for measuring optical radiation