Technical data and functions

Heat Flow Plates

  • For determining the heat flow density up to max. 150°C.
  • Application-oriented designs, consisting of a meander of opposing thermocouples that are embedded in a substrate.
  • In case of thick substrates no lateral circulation of the heat flow because of sufficient meander shell zone.
  • Each heat flow plate has been assigned a calibration value, which corresponds to the heat flow density in W/m2 when the plate provides an output of 1mV. The calibration value will be stored as factory-setting in the ALMEMO® connector so that ALMEMO® devices will immediately indicate the current heat flow density in W/m2.

Digital heat flow plate

  • This automatically corrects the heat flow plate’s temperature coefficient using a miniature NTC sensor integrated in the heat flow plate for the purpose of measuring the plate’s mean temperature.
  • It measures heat flows and temperatures using a A/D converter incorporated in the ALMEMO® D6 plug.
  • Two measuring channels are programmed (at our factory).
  • Plate’s mean temperature (°C, t) Heat flow, temperature-compensated (W/m², fq)

Basics of heat flow measurement