Technical data and functions

Displacement Tracer FWA xxx T

  • Displacement transducers are suitable for direct, accurate measurement of displacements in automatic control and metrology.
  • The pickup of the displacement is performed by using a pull rod with a universal joint. This allows for an actuation that is free from backlash and transverse forces, even in case of parallel and angular displacements of transducer and measuring direction.
  • Elastomer-damped, independently resilient multi-finger noble metal sliding contact for reliable contact, even at high adjustment speed, shock or vibration.
  • Long life, extraordinary linearity, pull rod running on two exact bearings, very high adjustment speed of up to 10m/s, shock and vibration resistant.

Displacement Tracer FWA xxx TR

  • Resistor and collector paths made from conducting plastic.
  • Suitable for direct measurements of displacement without a form-locking connection, position detection at stationary measuring objects, tolerance measurements and for continuous contour measurement.
  • The pull rod, which is supported on both sides, allows for accepting transverse forces that, for example, occur during a continuous scan of curves or spline parts.
  • Rear limit stop is used to provide a simple mechanical coupling of automatic retraction systems, such as pneumatic cylinders or electromagnets.
  • Long life, extraordinary linearity, tracer pin running on two exact bearings, DIN compliant standard measuring inserts can be used, shock and vibration resistant.

Basics for measuring force, displacement, flow, speed