Technical data and functions

  • Color temperature and illuminance are determined as a means to plot and evaluate lighting systems.
  • Compact sensor, particularly suitable for mobile applications
  • Continuous measuring and updating of measured values
  • Digital color temperature sensor with „TrueColorSensorchip“ and integrated signal processor The TrueColorSensorchip
    (3 sensors on 1 chip) detects - separately - each of the three colors - red, green, blue (RGB). The respective sensitivities of these 3 color sensors are adapted to the standard spectral curves as per CIE and DIN. (see Figure) On the basis of these RGB values the computer calculates the color point within the RGB range in terms of coordinates X and Y and determines the correlated color temperature (CCT) in Kelvin.
  • The display shows simultaneously both this color data and the illuminance in lux (lx) or kilolux (klx).
  • Freely selectable measurable variables
    Two measuring channels are programmed (at our factory):
    Color temperature (CCT, K), Illuminance (Ev, lx)
    Other measurable variable can also be selected:
    Illuminance (Ev, klx), X-value, Y-value

Basics for measuring optical radiation