Technical data and functions

  • Digital infra-red probe head with integrated signal processor
  • All sensor characteristics and adjustment data are stored in the probe head itself.
  • Digital transmission ensures that measured values are not affected by the sensor cable being moved, bent, or twisted.
  • Surface temperature is measured over a wide range
    up to 600°C.
  • Robust stainless steel housing, protection class IP65
  • The probe head, thanks to its small dimensions, can be installed in cramped and restricted conditions.
  • The probe head is threaded for quick and easy installation.
  • The sensor cable in polyurethane (PUR) is suitable for industrial use and is resistant to oily, acidic, basic environments.
  • The sensor can be connected directly via the cable’s ALMEMO® D6 plug to any ALMEMO® device.
  • One measuring channel is preprogrammed on leaving our factory - surface temperature (°C).
  • Emissivity 0.95 are preprogrammed (on leaving our factory).
    This can be programmed from 0.1 to 1.0 at the current ALMEMO® V6 devices via the device or via interface
    (some only via interface).
  • Transmittance 1.0 is preprogrammed (on leaving our factory).
    When using the focal point lens attachment or the protective window, the transmittance of the focal point lens attachment or the protection window must be adjusted.
    Transmittance can be modified in the ALMEMO® D6 sensor menu directly on the PC using USB adapter cable ZA1919AKUV 35/5000 or with an ALMEMO® V7 measuring device.

Basics of Infrared Measurement