Technical data and functions

ALMEMO® D7 measurement plugs typify a complete new plug type with integrated A/D converter and serial port. Thanks to the technology of the D7 plug, the measurement ranges are totally independent from the measurement instrument. Every D7 plug enables up to 10 display and function channels. This advantage especially takes effect in attaching multi-function sensors. However, also when using standard sensors it is possible to e.g. consider a variety of sensor specific functions in addition to temperature and atmospheric pressure compensation.

Advantages of the ALMEMO® D7 technology

  • Digitizable sensor signal
  • Sensor cable extendable to any desired length
  • Sensor can be replaced without losing any calibration data
  • Individual sensor parameters (e.g. damping, average value, scanning cycle, etc.) are saved on the plug as well
  • Augmented display areas on the device displays (increased number of digits)
  • 10 measurement variables per D7 connecting plug
  • Comments can be saved on the connecting plug
  • Simple configuration via the sensor menu
  • Calibration without measuring instrument

Caution! ALMEMO® D7measurment plugs can only be connected to ALMEMO® measuring instruments of the V7 generation (ALMEMO® 500, ALMEMO® 710, ALMEMO® 809, ALMEMO® 202).