Technical data and functions

Data logger from our latest V7 generation.
Data logger ALMEMO® 809 offers outstanding functions and applications using our latest D7 sensors. This measuring instrument operates either as data logger or as PC interface using the WinControl measuring software (an accessory).
The device parameters can be fully configured by means of the ALMEMO® Control software (included in delivery).

New digital ALMEMO® D7 sensors
With these digital ALMEMO® D7 sensors the existing ALMEMO® system is enhanced by many new functions. These operate via an all-digital interface to the ALMEMO® 809 measuring instrument ensuring high-speed serial transmission of all measured values.
The measuring ranges of ALMEMO® D7 plugs are independent of the measuring instrument and can be expanded as and when required for new applications.
Measured values can be displayed with up to 8 digits (depending on quantity and range) and the units with up to 6 characters. Sensor designation and information can be up to 20 characters. Each ALMEMO® D7 sensor has its own processor.
They all work in parallel at their own sensor-specific sampling rate.
D7 sensors thus attain very high measuring speeds in dynamic measuring operations. Scanning times on the ALMEMO® 809 can be set individually for quick-acting and slow-acting sensors.
The ALMEMO® D7 plug can process up to 10 channels for measured values and function values. This includes new applications, especially for multi-purpose sensors (e.g. Meteo sensors) and for linking up to complex third-party devices (e.g. chemical analysers, power analysers).

Measuring inputs for nine ALMEMO® sensors, all generations
Data logger ALMEMO® 809 incorporates nine measuring inputs. The measuring instrument can process up to 90 measuring channels - depending on the sensors connected. All new and already existing sensors designed for any measurable variable can be connected and evaluated. Sensors using analog signals pass via the integrated high-speed, high-resolution A/D converter. Additional electrical isolation between measuring inputs and power supply (device ground) increases measuring quality. Digital D6 and the latest digital D7 sensors transfer measured values to the measuring instrument directly in digital form.
The measuring instrument supports all ALMEMO® plug connectors and sensor functions. All sensor parameters for ALMEMO® standard / D6 / D7 sensors can be fully configured by means of the ALMEMO® Control software (included in delivery).

Data logger for all storage applications
For the purpose of saving measured values the device incorporates an 8-MB flash memory. This can also be configured as a ring memory for monitoring tasks.
To save larger data quantities an external memory is available in the form of a plug-in SD card.
For autonomous long-term monitoring the data logger can also be run in energy-saving sleep mode.

Other equipment
With two ALMEMO® output sockets it is possible to connect simultaneously a PC / network, an ALMEMO® output interface with relays and analog output, or an ALMEMO® memory connector with an SD card.
There are five LEDs for indicating various operating states. The operating key is used to switch on the device and to start / stop a measuring operation.
With option KL it is possible - for an ALMEMO® sensor (e.g. temperature or pressure sensors) - to program multi-point adjustment or linearization in the ALMEMO® plug itself. This option is possible with all ALMEMO® plug versions, standard connectors (analog or DIGI), ALMEMO® D6 and D7 plugs.

General technical specifications of the ALMEMO® Measuring Instruments