Technical data and functions

  • Multi-functional data logger with up to 99 or 190 measuring inputs
  • Increased measuring accuracy and stability
  • Fast measuring rate, up to 50 measuring operations per second. With SD memory card, up to 100 mops, optional for 1 channel up to 400 mops
  • Measuring rate increased to over 100 channels / second with several measuring circuit boards. The measuring circuit boards operate in parallel, thus ensuring short scanning times for a large number of channels.
  • Over 65 standard measuring ranges
  • Option KL for independent multi-point adjustment or special linearization programmable in 30 points and management of calibration data saved in the sensor connector and the measuring instrument
  • Higher measuring quality thanks to electrical isolation between measuring inputs and device power supply (device ground)
  • Improved cold junction compensation with 2 sensors per input card
  • Operates as data logger (internal EEPROM / RAM or SD memory card, sleep mode for long-term recording) or as interface for PC online operation
  • ALMEMO® 5690-1 (variant without display), ALMEMO® 5690-2 (variant with display and operating controls)
  • 5 LEDs for displaying the operating status of the measuring circuit
  • 8 rechargeable NiMH batteries with high-speed battery charging (accessory)
  • Relay / trigger / analog interface as plug-in board (accessory) for output of alarm and control signals
  • ALMEMO® output sockets, suitable for digital interfaces, analog output, trigger input, alarm contacts, memory card
  • Housing in several variants: Desktop housing TG1, TG3, TG8, Wall-mounted housing WG3, Rack housing BT8, Protected industrial housingIG2.

General technical specifications of the ALMEMO® Measuring Instruments

Operating instruction

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