Technical data and functions

  • ALMEMO® data logger from the latest V7 generation
  • Access via integrated web service and access point, two Wi-Fi access modes: access point or client (for integration in an existing network)
  • The device is easy and intuitive to use thanks to an 8-inch tablet with a preinstalled app (included in delivery)
  • Visualizing measured values and configuring the data logger via the preinstalled app, simultaneous login of several users possible, integrated user and permission management
  • Connecting the new ALMEMO® D7 sensor generation:
    Measuring rate up to 1000 mops, simultaneous operation of high speed and low speed sensors, display of measured values up to 8 digits, up to 10 channels per sensor, comments up to 20 characters, dimensions up to 6 characters, measured value damping for up to 4 channels per sensor
  • Display of measured values as numerical single measurement values, value lists or freely configurable displays
  • Graphic display of measured values as line graph for depicting up to 20 measurement sequences, integrated sidebar for switching quickly between three display modes
  • Measurement function: measured value, minimum value, maximum value, zeroing, target value comparison, damping, average value over a period of time or over several measurement points, limit value monitoring, cold junction compensation and temperature compensation
  • Stored measurement sequences can be displayed offline as well as during ongoing measurement operation
  • Modern desktop housing in two variants: TG6 and TG8, side frames manufactured by the use of 2-shot-molding, stackable or available in 19-inch rack housing
  • 20 ALMEMO® input sockets (galvanically isolated) for connecting up to 20 ALMEMO® sensors of all generations (standard), up to 200 sensor channels, can be upgraded to up to 90 ALMEMO® input sockets, up to 900 sensor channels
  • 2 USB ports for connecting external memory and PC, Ethernet and Wi-Fi for accessing the web service via app
  • Networking via integrated access point, using LAN or Wi-Fi network, or via USB using WinControl
  • High speed and high resolution A/D Converter (ADC)
  • Integrated 4GB SD card, sufficient storage for up to 600 million measured values, configurable as linear or ring memory, memory expansion possible via USB port
  • Choice of languages: German, English (other options available on request)
  • Programming menu for concise parametrization of e.g. cycles, times, memory and power supply
  • OLED display (0.82 inch) and LED displays for visualization of network parameters and system messages directly on the device
  • Option KL: multi-point adjustment, customer specific linearization
  • Battery compartments (accessory) for fail-safe long-term measurements or for mobile device usage

General technical specifications of the ALMEMO® Measuring Instruments