Technical data and functions

  • Generously dimensioned 2-row segment display including units
  • Easy and convenient to operate by means of 7 keys.
  • Over 35 measuring ranges for
    - Thermocouple and NTC sensors. For the customer’s own sensors ready-to-use ALMEMO® connectors are available.
    - Atmospheric humidity sensor, capacitive, dewpoint sensor, water detection probe, moisture in wood FHA636MF
    - Pressure transducer FDA602L/D, FD8214, FD8612,Tachometer, turbine flowmeter Current clamps FEA604, Voltage / current measuring modules ZA990xAB
    - Meteorological radiation probe heads FLA613
    - Carbon dioxide sensor FYAD00CO2, Carbon monoxide probe and ozone probe
  • ALMEMO® plugs with multi-point adjustment are supported.
  • Measuring functions
    Measured value, zero-setting, saving of maximum / minimum values, hold function
  • Test functions
    Segment monitoring, range monitoring, sensor breakage indication, battery voltage check and display.

General technical specifications of the ALMEMO® Measuring Instruments

Operating instruction

Hier finden Sie alle Downloads im Zusammenhang mit dem ALMEMO® 2690-8A Präzisionsmessgerät. Für Dokumente und Software zu anderen Geräten und Themen besuchen Sie unseren Downloadbereich.