Technical data and functions

  • Assessment of air quality for checking demand-oriented ventilation in recreation and work rooms, including classrooms, lecture halls, day care centers, meeting rooms, event rooms, production halls, health care facilities, public transportation.
  • In combination with an ALMEMO® data logger, the measured values are continuously recorded with date, time. Based on the stored data, a differentiated analysis of the air quality during the room usage times is possible.
  • Simultaneous measurement of air temperature as a criterion for assessing the quality of stay (comfort) in the rooms.
  • Quantitative measurement of CO2 concentration, measured value in ppm. Differentiated decision for concentrations near the quality levels 1000 ppm and 2000 ppm.
    On request: calibration of the sensor (traceable) by an accredited calibration laboratory.
  • Calibrated reference system for CO2 concentration for checking CO2 sensors permanently installed in the building management system (BMS) / room ventilation system (AHU).
  • Digital sensor with integrated signal processor. All calibration and sensor data are stored in the sensor.
  • Unique auto-calibration procedure (without fresh air supply): aging effects are automatically compensated.
  • Open protection cap for fast response time. Filter inside on the sensor carrier.
  • Automatic compensation of carbon dioxide concentration with built-in digital temperature and barometric pressure sensor.
  • Low power consumption. Long-term measurements with ALMEMO® data logger in sleep mode; only for current instrument types with sleep delay.
  • 3 primary measurement channels (real measured variables): carbon dioxide concentration, air temperature, air pressure.

  • ALMEMO® measurement technology for measuring thermal comfort and indoor air quality