Basics of pressure measurement

The Right Pressure Sensor For Any Measuring Task

Different methods are usually used for manufacturing pressure sensors
that have been adapted to the corresponding application.

  • Thick-Film Sensors
  • Thin-Film Sensors
  • Piezo-Resistive Sensors

Pressure transducers are principally available with 4 pressure calibrations:

  • Relative pressure: Pressure related to the environmental pressure
  • Absolute pressure: Pressure related to vacuum (0bar)
  • Overpressure: Pressure related to atm. pressure at manufacturing (approx. 1bar)
  • Differential press.: Pressure related to a second, variable pressure

Temperature Measurement with Pressure Sensors for Refrigerants

Option SB0000R
All ALMEMO® Version V5/V6 devices, including ALMEMO® data loggers and data acquisition systems, can be used for continuous temperature measurement (resolution 0.1K) with absolute pressure sensors (resolution 0.001 bar compulsory !). Both, pressure and temperature can be selected or continuously indicated and recorded.