Technical data and functions

  • The precision probe heads and the sensor shaft are made of metal.
  • The flow velocity is recorded with high accuracy.
  • Every vane anemometer is adjusted individually. The multi-point adjustment is saved within the ALMEMO® D6 plug.
  • Measurement operations carried out by a vane anemometer in air/gas are in practice nearly completely unaffected by environmental variables such as pressure, temperature, or humidity. The low dependence of the measured value on density can be compensated. The density of the gas can be programmed within the ALMEMO® D6 sensor menu on the ALMEMO® V7 device.
  • The rugged construction is suitable for mobile as well as for stationary measurement operations.
  • The ALMEMO® D6 plug measures the frequency signal of the vane with high resolution.
  • One measuring channel is programmed (at our factory): flow velocity v (m/s).

Basics for measuring the airflow