Technical data and functions

  • Inexpensive monitoring of several AC voltage signals with a large number of measuring modules
  • Monitoring the supply voltage and the current consumption during switch-on and switch-off processes of machines, motors, and other consumers.
  • Checking switches and circuit breakers using fast switching cycles.
  • Measuring the response time of electronic switches
  • Power calculation (effective power, power factor) through the parallel measurement of voltage and electricity in one measuring module.
  • Monitoring of the electrical parameters voltage, electricity and power through inverter in photovoltaic systems with parallel documentation of the environmental parameters like temperature, global radiation and other meteorological measuring variables.
  • Recording of quick power changes during loading tests with quick load changes.
  • Power measurement of 1-phase user (230 V AC) through a touch-proof Schuko-socket outlet adapter (accessory).
  • Recording of the power consumption of mobile machines (cleaning machines, high-pressure cleaner amongst others) and of domestic devices (refrigeratros, radiant heater, ovens amongst others) additionally to the physical measuring variables like temperature, pressure, air velocity, flow rate amongst others.