Technical data and functions

  • Inexpensive monitoring of several DC voltage signals with a large number of measuring modules.
  • Monitoring the charge and discharge processes (current, voltage, power) during the development of rechargeable batteries/batteries for electromobility and for other battery-operated devices.
  • Monitoring the supply voltage and the current consumption during switch-on and switch-off processes of DC motors and other consumers.
  • Checking switches and circuit breakers using fast switching cycles.
  • Measuring the response time of electronic switches.
  • Calculating the power by simultaneously measuring voltage and current in one measuring module.
  • Monitoring the electrical parameters voltage, current and power of photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic systems while environmental parameters such as temperature, global radiation, and other meteorological parameters are recorded at the same time.
  • Measuring fast changes in power during load tests with rapid load changes.