New CO2 sensor for measuring indoor air quality

published on 11.12.2020
CO2 Sensor/Stecker grau jpg

With the FYAD 00-CO2Mx carbon dioxide sensor, the sophisticated ALMEMO® system offers an accurate and traceable measurement for assessing indoor air quality, e.g. for appropriate ventilation behavior. In addition to the CO2 content, the temperature and the air pressure are measured for automatic measured value compensation. The accuracy of the sensor is +/- 50 ppm +/ 3% of the measured value.

At a glance:

  • Measurement of CO2, temperature and air pressure
  • fast response time
  • Autocalibration
  • measured value compensation
  • low power consumption
  • digital technology
  • measurement protocol possible
  • as calibratable reference system
  • several sensors can be connected to one device via ALMEMO® measurement technology
  • fair price/performance ratio

The concentration of CO2 in the room air is responsible for the quality of the breathing air. A too high CO2 content reduces the performance. In order to reduce the risk of aerosol-borne infections, various studies recommend continuous monitoring of the room air and appropriate ventilation behavior. However, uncontrolled, frequent ventilation can also significantly worsen indoor air quality. When the temperature outside is below zero, the indoor air becomes significantly drier and respiratory irritation is more likely to occur. It is advisable to check not only the CO2 content but also the humidity and air temperature. All relevant sensors can be connected to ALMEMO® measuring devices.

Logging of measured values

The calibratable ALMEMO® system allows logging of the measured values and is ideally suited, among other things, as a reference or for checking the building technology. By building up a history of the measurements, individual ventilation profiles can be created.

Thermal comfort

When outdoor temperatures are low, thermal comfort can be significantly reduced during ventilation periods. Rooms that are too cold and drafts can cause illness. By assessing the thermal comfort at the working or learning place, series of measurements of the operative temperature (globe temperature), room temperature, air flow and humidity are recorded.

This is only possible with ALMEMO

The FYAD 00-CO2Mx carbon dioxide sensor can be plugged onto any ALMEMO® measuring device. Depending on the number of measurement inputs on the device, several sensors can be plugged in to record other, different measured variables such as air humidity or illuminance, etc., or complex measurement networks can be set up to record all measured variables, in order to place the sensors at different measurement locations, e.g. in larger rooms.