New Catalog

published on 22.10.2021

The current AHLBORN catalog provides a detailed general overview of new products and proven ALMEMO® data loggers, measuring instruments, connectors and sensors.

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What is in the new catalog?

ALMEMO® 204 Data logger with 4 inputs, for digital sensors

FY 1700-1CO2M0B05 Wireless CO2 sensor for room monitoring

ES500RTA6 Output interface for control systems and alarms

ALMEMO® 1033-2 Reference measuring instruments for calibration laboratories up to 720 °C (0.001 K)

FPA924L0500H Reference sensor Pt100 up to 660 °C (0.001 K)

Measurement range: N2 Thermocouple type N with resolution 0.01 K

ZAD030FS Digital Pt100 connector for all ALMEMO® devices (also V6)

ZPD730FS Digital precision measuring connector Pt100 (0.001 K)

FPD723L0250A3D Digital precision sensor Pt100 up to 400 °C (0.001 K)

ZA 1601-RI and ZA 1602-RU Analog output cable for process signals 20 mA / 10 V

ES500RTA6 Output interface for control systems and alarms

Assistant for refrigerant Software WinControl

Automation of test stations and assistant for process sequence / setpoint generator Software WinControl

FPD723L0250A3D Digital precision sensor Pt100 up to 400 °C (0.001 K)

AMiR 7834 Infrared transmitter, surface temperature up to 2000 °C

FPAD 36-3 Digital Pt100 psychrometer for all ALMEMO® instruments (also V6)

FVAD 15-H Digital precision vane anemometer 16 / 25 / 80 mm diameter

FVAD 05-TOK300 Digital omnidirectional thermal anemometer

ZAD 90x-ABx ZAD 90x-ABx Digital measuring modules for DC voltage/current and AC voltage/current for all ALMEMO® instruments (also V6)

ZED7 0x-ABx ZED7 0x-ABx Digital measuring modules for fast measurement of DC voltage/current/power and AC voltage/current/power

FMD770 / FMD720 New digital meteorological transmitters

FLD7 33-UVE Digital measuring head erythema-effective UV radiation

FYAD 00-CO2Mx Digital CO2 sensor for room air monitoring

FY96PHMEEx pH insertion electrode for food

ZYD7 10-AKx Digital connection cable for pH and redox probes

KH9166DP2 DAkkS humidity calibration new in the range up to 98 % r.H.