High-precision reference measuring instrument for calibration laboratory and quality assurance

published on 28.03.2022

The ALMEMO® 1033-2 reference measuring instrument offers highest resolution, precision and linearity. It is ideally suited as a reference for calibration laboratories and quality assurance. Measurements are made with a Pt100 sensor element in the range of -200 to +720°C and a resolution of 0.001 K. A further measuring range from -200 to +850°C with a resolution of 0.01 K can be selected.

The instrument is offered as a set with probe and certificate, but is also available without probe. The compact design offers an illuminated graphic display, easy operation via softkeys and cursor block and optional IP54 protection. Two output sockets allow connection to a PC or integration into a network. A plug-on measured value memory is available as an option. Evaluation software, data cable, temperature probe and DAkkS calibration certificate as well as power supply and measuring instrument case are included in delivery. Own, high-quality Pt100 probes can also be connected. It is possible to program the 4 sensor-specific parameters R0 and A, B, C of the CvD equation (Callendar-van-Dusen equation) for any Pt100 sensor.