The new digital measuring modules type ZED7 offer a dynamic measurement of DC signals with 1000 measurements/s, an overvoltage-proof measuring input with galvanic isolation up to 6kV and are extremely versatile.
Increasing digitalisation and networking is changing the entire production chain. This also affects the measuring devices, which have to integrate into existing networks. With the new web-based technology of the ALMEMO® 500, the user is future-proofed for increasing networking.
With the FYAD 00-CO2Mx carbon dioxide sensor, the sophisticated ALMEMO® system provides an accurate and traceable measurement for assessing indoor air quality.
When using certified, digital ALMEMO® sensor technology, a measuring system can continue to operate almost without interruption in the event of calibration.
Digital measuring head for erythema-effective UV radiation (UVE) for indoor and outdoor applications for connection to ALMEMO® data logger
Smart data logger ALMEMO® 204 with 4 inputs and up to 40 measuring channels