Reference measuring instrument ALMEMO® 1033-2 for temperatures from -200 to +720 °C with resolution 0.001 K
The new impeller type Makro FVAD 15-H offers high measuring accuracy and can be used for many measuring tasks, such as checking air movements in clean rooms and for control measurements at fume hoods of workbenches and workstations.
The intelligence of digital sensors is best located in the connector plug.
The new wireless sensor type FY 1700-1CO2 from AHLBORN works with a built-in sensor module for measuring carbon dioxide, air temperature and air pressure.
The new AHLBORN general catalog informs about the extensive spectrum of ALMEMO® measurement technology including many novelties.
The new digital measuring modules type ZED7 offer a dynamic measurement of DC signals with 1000 measurements/s, an overvoltage-proof measuring input with galvanic isolation up to 6kV and are extremely versatile.