Measurement software WinControl for the professional processing of measurement data

The measuring software WinControl was developed for the display and processing of measured values that can be acquired by ALMEMO® data loggers. Besides the evaluation of measurement data, the software allows a comfortable programming and operation of the measuring instruments. The access to the measurement data can be individually selected. An optional cloud connection is available for the outsourcing of the measured values. Numerous assistants support the requirements of complex measurement tasks. The software enables a versatile presentation of the measured values as well as the archiving of the data and the creation of event protocols. The evaluation of the measurements is supported with graphic templates for statistics. The data can also be transferred to other in-house software. Cross-site data management is also possible.

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Graphical representation

Arbeitsflächen der WinControl  
  Arbeitsflächen der WinControl

Graphical representations as line chart, bar chart, measurement value displays and project images. Video recordings of the measuring station can also be integrated into the surface.

Variety of functions

The measuring software WinControl enables the evaluation of a simple measurement data acquisition up to the logging of complex measuring processes with special functions and software assistants. Examples for the range of functions:

  • Printout of current or stored data (e.g. as line diagram or measurement protocol).
  • Suitable for monitoring systems in a GMP environment (e.g. CFR 21 Part 11) with password protection (Password Protection) and event list (Audit Trail).
  • Calibration of climatic chambers according to DAkkS-DKD-R-5-7, with multi-level calibration programs, control of supported chambers and adaptable calibration certificate. Find out more
  • Multi-stage calibration of probes with control of supported calibrators (Julabo, ISOTECH, AMETEK®) and adaptable calibration certificate
  • Test station automation through control and regulation of test item and test equipment, test parameter input, barcode scanner and adaptable test protocol. With individual user interface, flexibly adaptable to any project.
  • Wizards for PPD/PMV determination, U-value calculation and heat quantity calculation. Find out more
  • Video recording: Synchronously record and evaluate video and measurement data (PIMEX).
  • Support of protocols and standards for cooperation with other systems (OPC, ODBC, Modbus, CAN-Bus).
  • With integrated web server for displaying measured values and diagrams in a browser.
  • Data server for remote access to measurement data by RMT WinControl for processing and evaluation independent of the main system, or data queries by other programs. Find out more
  • Fast training and easy operation through Windows interface and context-sensitive help.