Digital Sensor via connector !

published on 24.02.2017
D7 Stecker

The intelligent part of a digital sensor usually sits in the connector or in the sensor housing. AHLBORN have developed a suitable measuring system for the connection of any sensor, which concentrates specifically on the connector and offers a simple digitization of corresponding sensors. The advantages of this new ALMEMO® D7 connector technology is digital signal transmission along any cable length and interchangeable sensors without loss of calibration data. The sensor can thus be calibrated independently of the measuring instrument. This means saving money, since a calibration of the entire measuring chain is no longer necessary with digitized sensors. In addition, individual sensor parameters such as scaling, attenuation, averaging, measuring rate or even longer comments can be stored in the connector. Each ALMEMO® D7 connector provides space for 10 measurement and computation channels. The display range in the measuring device can be extended to 200,000 digits when using these new connectors. The patented sensor menu is used to display the sensor parameters and also, the configuration of the sensor, regardless of the device. Measuring devices such as The ALMEMO® 710 touch-screen data logger can be expanded as required for new applications with the ALMEMO® D7 plug-in technology. The configuration of the connectors is very simple, and is done either via the device-side sensor menu or a free configuration software. The plugs can be connected to all ALMEMO® data loggers of generation V7, developed and manufactured by AHLBORN in Germany