Professional measurement data acquisition with the data logger ALMEMO® 500

published on 11.02.2021
ALMEMO 500 neutrales Tablet

Increasing digitalisation and networking is changing the entire production chain. This also affects the measuring devices, which have to integrate into existing networks. With the new web-based technology of the ALMEMO® 500, the user is future-proofed for increasing networking. The scalable system enables the recording of many measuring points with the highest precision. Digital and analogue sensors for almost all measured variables can be connected. The system is operated via tablet and modern interfaces. Access to the measurement data is possible from anywhere via web service. All networking options and measured value queries are possible with an app on the tablet and also via a PC.

The user operates the ALMEMO® 500 via a supplied 8-inch tablet and a pre-installed app. Access to the data logger is handled by an integrated web service. The app not only visualises the measurement data, the entire data logger and all connected sensors can be configured via it. Data export to Excel is also possible. Thanks to a web service, several users can log in at the same time, e.g. from different locations in the case of decentralised measured value monitoring. Intelligent rights management ensures that measurements are not inadvertently changed. The connection between the tablet and the data logger is handled by an integrated WLAN hotspot. In the standard configuration, it is configured as an access point and provides the user with a secure WLAN network. Alternatively, the data logger can log on to an existing network as a client. The user configures the WLAN hotspot, such as network and encryption settings, in just a few steps via an integrated configuration website.

The device offers the option of displaying historical measured value histories from the measured value memory in the app, either offline or during an ongoing measurement, in order to review stored measured value histories. Up to 600 million measured values can be stored in the data memory. The memory can also be configured as a ring buffer for long-term monitoring or the user can plug in a memory extension in the form of a USB stick or a USB hard drive. Several ALMEMO® 500 data loggers can be networked with each other via the integrated access point, via LAN or WLAN, or via the USB interfaces. The user operates all devices via the ALMEMO® 500 app. In addition, the measured values can also be queried and displayed via the WinControl measuring software. The ALMEMO® 500 is available in a desktop housing or in the classic 19-inch subrack for control cabinet solutions.