Wireless measurement network with WLAN module

published on 01.08.2022
WLAN-Modul ZA1739-WL (2)

The low-cost module has been housed in the ALMEMO® connector housing including antenna. Simple configuration is performed via the integrated web manager in the standard browser of a WLAN-capable end device of the user, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. All common encryption modes can be configured. The module has LED control indicators for power and status as well as a factory reset button. The connection can be made either via the local network of the ALMEMO® WLAN module (use as access point) or via an external WLAN network (use as client, e.g. via a company network). The integration into the WinControl data acquisition software and into the ALMEMO® Control software is easily done via the configured Ethernet port. The compact modules with the designation ZA 1739-WL are available from stock.

Data sheet ZA 1739-WL