Wireless sensor for carbon dioxide, air temperature and air pressure

published on 22.10.2021
CO2 Funkfühler

The new wireless sensor type FY 1700-1CO2 from AHLBORN works with a built-in sensor module for measuring carbon dioxide, air temperature and air pressure. This allows, among others, the air quality to be assessed by measuring the CO2 concentration and the quality of stay (comfort index) to be assessed by measuring the air temperature. If several wireless sensors are distributed in the room, a meaningful room profile can be created via the time-synchronous measurement. There is no need for complex cabling.

The integrated multi-sensor element simultaneously measures CO2 up to 5000 ppm, temperature from -5 to +50 °C and air pressure from 700 to 1100 mbar. The measurement data of the wireless sensor are recorded via the wireless data logger ALMEMO® 470-1. With the flexible measurement system, wireless measurement networks can be set up for indoor climate monitoring in production and warehouse monitoring. The data logger system can also be used for climate and conditioning chambers or for environmental measurements. With the ZA 1770-1IF digital wireless interface, almost any number of sensors for a wide range of measured variables can be connected. These sensors are digitized via the connector plug and can be fed to a regular calibration interval without a data logger or interface. Long runtimes can be achieved by battery operation of all wireless sensors in sleep mode.